Stock Exchange Trading – Affection, Respect And Also Obey Your Computer!

With tongue in cheek I have stated, “Makers understand Wall Street, but the human thoughts can not”.


However very seriously what I am actually definitely stating is actually that using a computer and also a reliable technical investing body to create steady actual cash in the securities market is actually the only way to go.

Virtually twenty years ago while on a skiing vacation I established an investing procedure, created on a yellow lawful pad back then, that, with a couple of modifications, I remain to trade to this day. I ultimately programmed this trading unit, created a manual, “How I Stopped My Project as well as turned $6,000 right into a Half Million Trading”, as well as I also released a hundred webpages of my broker claims.

I continue to be conscious the simple fact that a lot of usually tend certainly not to feel that my one-of-a-kind method to trading jobs and also today I satisfy my need to “show it” through putting my live sell 96 stock on the Internet a number of times a time. I also publish all the business actually taken, as well as previously uploaded on this exact same website, going back to December 2009.

My goal today coincides as always, to reach the very least one hundred% annual gain on my financial investment and also to accomplish so along with quite reduced danger.


When many people start taking regarding sell trading they start by referring to their favored broker who gives excellent advise. Or maybe they refer to a really good “sell picker” they have located on the Internet. Or perhaps they do it on their own through extensive analysis of different business and economical basics.

In my point of view all such procedures are doomed to failure over time due to the fact that they involve human opinion as well as human emotional states. A much more reliable as well as regular method to business is to utilize a programmable trading unit and also observe the directions of your personal computer religiously day in day out, month after month and every year. And to this I may add: branch out through taking a lot of fields as well as contain nothing at all longer than three days.